Time – corrosion

Oct 1, 2019

Often the works start in a dream. A vision if you will.
I dreamt about an aureole of natural elements with in it’s centre rotting plastic.

There is a sacred place reserved for nature in the arts. Nature has inspired thousands of artists, from the early beginning up to contemporary art. Romanticism dwelt in it and even today Vincent Van Gogh has it’s influence in how many see the arts and nature. But almost always nature was seen as an outside force. A wild sea to be admired, an almond flower, tender and fragile.

Nature was always seen as something special, something to look at, to admire, to temporarily take in and consume. But for a long time people did not consider themselves as nature.

In the main religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism nature was made for man to be consumed. The two where two different things. On one side you had mankind and on the other side you had nature. It’s easy to misuse and violate if you do not consider the opponent as part of yourself. The first thing people do in war is dehumanize the enemy.

Animals you can torture and as such foreigners and people from other religions where and are demonetized and dehumanized. And so it is with nature. If you disconnect yourself from nature it is easy to mine, to pollute and to make products that are harmful towards nature.

But what if we took a different approach. What if we stepped out of this Christian believe that the earth is made for man to use and abuse.
What if we started to see everything around us as nature. Everything including the things we make. And thus a plastic bag is nature.
And if we understand that a plastic bag is nature, like we are nature and a part of the ecosystem. Would we still make plastic bags?

That’s what I’m at. The centre of the aureole is a by the sun rotted plastic made thing. surrounded by lovely rays of esparto grass. Shining like a sun.