You look, you feel, you shoot.

Jul 18, 2020

imitating nature

Making photos is an incredible intuitive act. As you react quickly to a situation. The things you capture happen in a blink of a second.

The why and how you took the picture are thoughts that come after the action. You look, you feel, you shoot.

I’m not directly a flower person. Still, I had to make this photo when the opportunity presented itself.

I saw this bush of flowers opposite our house. It was in the afternoon and the flowers were catching the last sunbeams of the day. Making their ochre appearance even warmer.

The dark background made them pop out. I hardly had to do any post-editing. The whole Carravagio like scene presented me in front of my camera.

I’ve no idea about flowers. How they are called if they are edible if they were already on this planet during the time of the dinosaurs if they are poisonous. I don’t know a thing. The only thing is what I see.

They are that kind of flowers that are probably seen as a weed. They don’t smell, they don’t possess bold colours. They are just humble flowers growing on the side of the road.

I am not attracted to them because they are flowers. I was attracted to them because they were in the right spot. I loved the colour, the structure, and the sentiment. They show a part of our world that’s alive but neglected. Doing its own thing.