Poetry in a box

Aug 11, 2020

poetry in a box

And then I receive a box with my name on it. Sent to me from the UK. The box contains 4 items. 4 items found on the shore of the Themes and collected by Mark Sowden.

It is an intriguing gift. 4 pieces of debris, thrown away or lost, and now found after so many years been part of the Thems. Sent in a box and landed in the interior of Spain.

The pieces are mysterious. A stony thing with an iron wire connected to it, a piece of ceramics, a cube of coal, and a nail.

A strang combination of objects. All are selected by Mark in an intuitive way, thinking that the pieces could be part of me.

Pieces make me think. About their voyage, their origin, and how they traveled in their lives. The nail must once be shiny and new. It was made by hand by a blacksmith I guess. And maybe used by a carpenter to make a box or bookcase or perhaps a cupboard.

I find them intruiging and hope to use them as a source of inspiration for my next drawings.