The simbiose of shoe and tree.

The soul an the tree. This shoe is living in a tree in my friend's garden. It's been living there for some time now. I don't know when Shoe decided to  make a pact with Tree, but I guess it must have been a while ago. Shoe has become brandless and just as motionless...

A trip to the Loriguilla lake.

Loriguilla lake. - water reservoir The water reservoir at Loriguilla. This Monday I took the first trip to explore the nearby country. The idea is to extend my nature and landscape photography.I live in such a beautiful part of Spain with a canyon on a stone throw...

At the carob factory

The carob factory coming to light...The original fileRembrandt in the factory Today we went to the algarroba (carob) factory. With tons of carob. (5 cars full) As we have a field with carob trees. The carob beans used to be sold as food for horses but the cosmetic...

Nature’s shadow

Looking into the window I pass this window perhaps thrice a week. Most of the time I don't look into it, nor out of it. The window is on the brink of not being a window anymore.But as there's still a whole in the wall I guess you can say it's a see through. But it's...

The eco system, complexity without end.

There ain't no such thing as a lonely tree. Nature is complex. And with all things the more you start to understand stuff, the more you know that you don't know much at all.Photos can be minimalistic and simple of design, still they are complex. Art is as complex as...

The patience of a stone.

The waiting game. I like stones. Big rocks and small pebbles. Stones have patience. They are experts in waiting.Stones have seen many things, and although they seldom move, the world moves around them.Stones do move, slowly most of the time, but sometimes they tumble...

Sponge and Lichen – old friends

Sponge meets Lichen. They used to be old friends,sponge and lichen. They know each other for a long time. The sponge on the photo isn't a real sponge though, but a syntactic sponge made out of polyester. Lichen are old, really old, they roamed the world before there...

Tracks in the field

A couple of days ago I changed my profile picture on Facebook. Not that I'm using Facebook a lot these days but as the old banner was pretty ol I thought it would be nice to change it. So I changed it with the photo on the left. But some followers thought I had made...

Jazz a la Serranía

Yesterday a lovely night out in my local village Villar del Arzobispo. With a Jazz night organized by Jazz a la Serraniá.Jose Cervera 4tet played at the courtyard of the Musical.There were a lot of people listening to the quartet which is great. Especially if you are...

Wendy McNeill in concert

Last night I went to an intimite concert of the Wendy McNeill trio at the Bar  Centro Excursionista. I hadn't heard about the bar but aperrantly the bar was opened in honour of a famous bar in Carmen with the same name.  It's a little secret place in a not well known...

Photo of the Week!

September 30, 2022

Lamp with painted flower design waiting to be discovered.

I found this lamp with flower motive in the field near Aras de los Olmos, a small village in the Serrania in Spain. There is a strange irony in this find. The lamp invented to create some light in the dark with it's design of wild flowers. Laying hidden in the high grass, a place where perhaps the wild flowers where the design was based upon once grew.
It's a bright summer day and the lamp is obviously not necessary! But by the looks of it the flower design candelabra has been there for a while.
Questions start to arise when looking at this photo. Who had this lamp once in their house? How did it end up in the field? Who made it and when and where was it sold.
The striking contrast between the man made object and its surrounding contrast the many similarities as the golden colour of the grass reflects the copper of the arms of the candelabra.


The photo will be printed at A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm) – on Pearl / Luster RC “Premium” Photographic Paper of 260 gr extra white that creates images with impressive sharpness and bright colors and dark blacks.

At the moment, (as an artist statement is always temporarily…) I feel as if I’ve come full circle.
Making photos is such a liberation and joy to do. I feel dangerously comfortable with it. After years of painting, making sculptures, and ceramics I’ve come back to photography.
It was always there on the background, but as with many things that are close to you, you sometimes take them for granted and don’t give it the love they deserves.

The main thing I liked about painting was that it didn’t move. You can watch a painting as long as you want and it will only become richer in the process. From a complicated Kandisky to a “simple” Mondriaan. Time flows differently in a painting.
And so it is with photography. A photo takes its time. It’s made out of time, a fragment frozen and cut out of reality, becoming its own world. A world that reflects and absorbs the thoughts of the beholder.
In no art form more than photography the famous sentence of Magritte, ” Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” is a thing to remember. You take a photo of your delicious mealbut behold, you can’t eat it. It’s an image of the dinner. An impression, not even three-dimensional.
Photography is a big illusion. It tempts you with thinking it’s real, but it isn’t. Photos can easily mislead you. In a bad way but also in a good way, depending on the sorcerer.
So take your time when looking at a photo and follow those memories and thoughts that the photo provokes in you.

I love watching photos as they don’t move. But they move you.

Me, Joost, a long time ago. – Photo by Barend Gerritsen.