Joost Gerritsen


I can’t remember when I first pressed the button of a photo camera. Neither can I say when photography became my life.

My father was a photographer and my mother a ceramicist, graphic designer, gallery owner and mother.
I did not immediately follow in my father’s footsteps. I decided, instead, to go to art school and  graduated in painting and drawing.  Although I concentrated on painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture over the years, photography was never far away. However, it’s only in the last four years that it has truly become a passion for me.

It stated innocently at first, taking publicity photos  for my musician wife´s  Balkan band and then three years ago we started attending a dance and music improvisation session in Valencia. That’s a tough school : taking photos of fast moving dancers, with minimal lighting, but very rewarding and inspiring if it works!
I also started taking the camera with me on my daily walks with our 3 dogs, to try and capture the world around me: the dramatic, rugged landscape and the traces of humankind left in this isolated spot.

There is much more to tell about myself, but I hope much of the story will communicate itself through my photos.