Ron Carter at the Valencian Jazz Festival

11 Jul, 2022

365 Days Photo Journey


Ron Carter at the Valencian Jazz Festival

Yesterday we were privileged to see Ron Carter. Double bass player and hardly needs an introduction for jazz lovers.

He played at the Teatre Principal Valencia being it his last tour. At the respectible age oof 85 he still plays wonderfull

He had played a couple of days before in the North Sea Jazz festival.
He had to leave the other members of his quartet in Amsterdam though due to COVID and flight problems!

So two Valencia jazz masters, Albert Sanz on piano and Perico Sameat on sax were lucky (or not) to accompany him on the stage.

Although it was a bit of a strange setup, it was lovely to hear Carter play and be a witness of his last grand tour at the 25th edition of Festival de Jazz de Valencia.