Sponge and Lichen – old friends

Aug 29, 2022

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Lichen and Sponge

Sponge meets Lichen.

They used to be old friends,sponge and lichen. They know each other for a long time. The sponge on the photo isn’t a real sponge though, but a syntactic sponge made out of polyester. 
Lichen are old, really old, they roamed the world before there were trees. They made friends with many living things. 

The sponge is a new kid on the block, a fraud in a way as it is a man made copy of the natural thing. Natural sponges grow in the sea, like Sponge Bob, or they grow on plants like luffa. We had a luffa plant in the garden growing in the almond tree. It’s a great plant and we ate the fruit and used the dried ones as a cleaning sponge for doing the dishes.

This polyester sponge though attracted my attention as it had more or less the same colour as the lichen. The beutiful ochre showed a connection with the lichen. And as such they connected and made a visual impact. Together with the blue.


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