Tracks in the field

19 Jul, 2022

365 Days Photo Journey

summer landscape with tracks in the field

A couple of days ago I changed my profile picture on Facebook. Not that I’m using Facebook a lot these days but as the old banner was pretty ol I thought it would be nice to change it. So I changed it with the photo on the left. But some followers thought I had made it today. The photo was taken in tautumn though as the summer is much dryer.

And to show the difference I made a photo of a landscape yesterday. Not exactly the same spot but close. The Autumn photo was also taken near to my house as the “summer” photo. I was surprised by the tracks that must have been made just after rainfall as a big machine, probably a tractor must have plowed through the mud. Leaving a strong visual track.

Some of the 365 Photos can be ordered as a print and will be available at the special price of 40€ (the normal price is 60€)
The print will be on A4 size and printed on pearl (semi gloss) photopaper.
The price of a Instagram publication is lower than other prints as there is not a limited edition.
As Instagram is a fleeting medium, his photo too will only be available for this price for a month.

O lente, lente currite noctis equi!