Waiting is my speciality.

Feb 2, 2023

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Rock formation

Waiting. That’s what stones are good at.
It’s hard to fathom how stones perceive time.
We wait, spending time between moments. Anticipating for the next thing to occur.
Stones, just wait. Slowly building up momentum for the next movement. As move they do, gradually and with a sudden haste. There is hardly an in between.

I like stones just for this reason. They are patient. They have no problem with me taking a photo of them. They are great at posing.
You can circle around them and look for the most favourable angle. Perhaps you wait too, for the light to give them some character.

Of course stones do have  character, but strong definite shadows give them some more punch.
Stones like their shadows and light patches and they know how to use them. To make them stand out, or to let them blend into the background.

They are good at sunbathing too, it’s one of their favourite passtimes.


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