At the carob factory

Sep 1, 2022

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carob factory like Rembrandt

The carob factory coming to light…

The original file

Rembrandt in the factory

Today we went to the algarroba (carob) factory. With tons of carob. (5 cars full) As we have a field with carob trees. The carob beans used to be sold as food for horses but the cosmetic industry and eco market have found their hidden healthy  properties.
I use carob flower often when baking bread which gives it a lovely soft texture and taste.The photo is a bit grungy as it’s made with a new camera (a Fujifilm  XT20) which I bought for filming B roll and quick shots.
I’d only made one shot here and it turned out to be completely underexposed (almost black) as I didn’t know the camera that well.. So I had to do some heavy magic in lightroom to recover some of the image ending up with a Rembrandt!
So the quality for pixel peepers is perhaps not the best but I know this little camera can do much more.  Still it’s a miracle what I could recover from the file.
This is what you call a real factory with belts, forklift trucks and pallets. No AI robots or shiny computers. The sweet smell of carob (usedd as an alternative for chocolate) heavy in the air.

carob beans

Carob beans


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