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Dec 13, 2022

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About a year ago I found some material hanging on a acorn bush. And thought it was the filling from a sleeping bag or other synthetic stuff.
Today I found the same material again on some thorny bushes. And it suddenly dawned upon me that it’s actually sheep wool. 

The track I walk is often used by a shepherd as well but I never made the link, until now.

I was thinking about my own photos and the connection between my drawings when I saw these strings of wool hanging on the acorn bush.
The scene with the wool hanging on the thin branches visualised what I was thinking over my work.

The things I like, the things I’m looking for, combined with the intuitive action. 
the majority of the things I do is intuitive, trusting on my own judgement and experience.
I think art is to complex to design. You always have to leave the door open for intuitive “accidents”. Most of the time I only see the photo properly when I’m home. The camera sees more than I do and I feel more than the camera does. And together you find the right combination of feeling and seeing.




The feeling of making a photo

The feeling of making a photo

I feel the earth. To feel the photo. It's not always clear why I want to make a photo. It's not always because of the image an sich. Sometimes it's the action itself that's almost more important....

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Pardoglossum cheirifolium or Dogs Tongue.

Pardoglossum cheirifolium or Dogs Tongue.

Spring is in the air. It's called Pardoglossum cheirifolium or in ordinary English Dogs Tongue.But that's more or less all I could find on Wikipedia...It's one of those flowers that likes to be in...

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