Miss Lichen and Mr Sponge have a thing going on.

August 25, 2022
Miss Lichen and Mr Sponge have a thing going on.

They are old friends, Mr Sponge and Miss Lichen. They know each other for a long time. Mr Sponge on the photo isn't a real sponge though, but a syntactic sponge made out of polyester. A fake!
Miss Lichen is old, really old, she roamed the world before there were trees. And she made friends with many living things.

Mr Sponge is a new kid on the block, a fraud in a way as it is a man made copy of the natural thing. Natural sponges grow in the sea, like Sponge Bob, or they grow on plants like Luffa. We had a luffa plant in the garden growing up and up into the almond tree. It's a great plant and we ate the fruit and used the dried ones as a cleaning sponge for doing the dishes.

This polyester sponge though attracted my attention as it had more or less the same colour as the lichen. The beautiful ochre showed a connection with the lichen. And as such they connected and made a visual impact.
And so besides the visual connection there is also a poetic connection. As Miss Lichen and Mr Sponge have a thing going on. A complex story of two different worlds coming together and perhaps fusing into one.

The print will be A4 size (21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches)
and printed on pearl (semi gloss) photopaper.
The print will be available for a reduced price of €40 for the first week of publication.
After one week the print will be available in more sizes.
The price of an Instagram publication is lower than other prints as there is not a limited edition.