Smoke on the stage, music in the air

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Yet to be translated is a classic photo in which the creation of a photo is frozen in time. In a sense, the photo is both the process as well as the final image.
While organizing all the elements for a photo shoot, our kitten GiGi walked into the frame. Making use of the so-called “decisive moment” I pushed the button and made a photo of the interference of the process of making a photo.

The photo was part of the exhibition Uncertain Edges in St’ Leonards at Sea, UK. in September 2023.

The photo is available in 3 sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

The photo is printed on high-quality Canson Baryta paper which is specially designed for fine art photography. It’s a 300-gram paper that has a high archival value.
The printing process is completely 100% carbon neutral.
The photos have a small white border that makes framing a lot easier. You can also find my signature here.

In 2019 the PenJa’m sessions where held in the cultural center La Fabrica de Hielo, A former ice factory looking out over the beach. The dance and music sessions became more open for the public, but still it was an obscure and pretty much underground performance. The bass player Paul Fitzgerald here in action.

Location :  Fabrica de Hielo – Valencia
Year: 2019
Performance: Penja’m Sessions



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