Revisiting a memory

Jan 3, 2023

A Photo Blog

dreamy photo of the Spanish countryside

A photo is a memory by default. An image of the past.
A glimpse into a world where you’re not physically are.
When developing a photo you had the option only to slide a part of the paper in the developer bath. And so only visualizing part of the whole experience you had when you took the photo.
You don’t need much to remember something. It can be a colour, a material or a scent to trigger a certain memory.
Memories are never complete, they have a prologue and a sequel. But hardly every does it come in an organized way…
Photos can help memories, ignite them and alter them.
The unfinished image gives us often more to work with than the completed one.
It’s this openness that gives us space to make our own story. To personalize the photo in a way. 
Sometimes you want a photo of a coffee cup to be a photo of a coffee cup, clear and to the point. But sometimes you want an image where your own interpretation has the movement to go in all directions.

In this case you can pass the shed or you can enter it. Like in a good old D&D adventure. So what will it be?


The feeling of making a photo

The feeling of making a photo

I feel the earth. To feel the photo. It's not always clear why I want to make a photo. It's not always because of the image an sich. Sometimes it's the action itself that's almost more important....

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Pardoglossum cheirifolium or Dogs Tongue.

Pardoglossum cheirifolium or Dogs Tongue.

Spring is in the air. It's called Pardoglossum cheirifolium or in ordinary English Dogs Tongue.But that's more or less all I could find on Wikipedia...It's one of those flowers that likes to be in...

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