The patience of a stone.

Aug 29, 2022

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The waiting game.

I like stones. Big rocks and small pebbles. Stones have patience. They are experts in waiting.
Stones have seen many things, and although they seldom move, the world moves around them.
Stones do move, slowly most of the time, but sometimes they tumble and roll to a different place, to wait there for a while.
Some stones are transported by animals, or by us.
Do you recognize the sudden urge to bend over to pick up that stone? And why, I often wonder is it that I wanted to pick up that particular stone?
Some stones have evolved into attractive stones, stones you want to have as a pet, stones you want to take care of.
Just as with this stone in the photo. I’m not quite sure why I wanted to make a photo of this particular stone but suddenly my hands moved of their own accord and made this photo.
Perhaps because I liked its cubic shape or its isolation. Sitting there on the wall like Humpty Dumpty, waiting to fall. Looking at the world and thinking slow and deep thoughts.


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